Tuesday, October 27, 2009

M-Day Plus 79

So I should probably start this post with a little word of caution. There is one point in this post that I will use some sort of explicit content. I try to avoid this as much as possible, but the context for this one is just perfect. So, when the time comes I will warn you again, however, I think after reading it you will understand it's purpose.

So yesterday was the final day for Miss Ethel for a while. We have seen all we need to see for the time being, and now it's time for her to give us the test. No, this isn't the test of meeting her parents, but rather a long and strenuous test over her beautiful innards. I don't know which test would be easier...but we don't really have a choice on this one. Either way it is good to have a break from her but now it's time to study.

Outside from Miss Ethel we've had a variety of things happening. We've had some classes over X-rays and MRI's and other image stuffs. Unfortunately all of them were just about worthless so I probably know little more than all of you who read this. We also had another PBL of sorts today, which is termed "problem based learning", or something similar, I'm not really sure. Today we had to discuss some bone injuries and we started off with a quiz about it. I'm pretty sure I got every answer wrong on that quiz except for the one question that everyone else got wrong. Don't ask. After we debriefed that mission we were given another problem with only a single question. While the rest of my group, and all of the groups for that matter, went with one answer, I chose to travel the road less traveled and voice my opinion to my group about it. Seeing as how I didn't have much credibility at that point, and rightfully so, my word was not heeded well. However, in the end it paid off to stand out and be an individual as I triumphed! (My answer was right :D ) I owe that victory to Dr. Duncan and his teachings and clinical experience.

Tonight we had gotten a group of people together to have a dinner of sorts. I am tired of eating fast food and other crap personally, so I thought it would be nice to have a group of people rotate cooking responsibilities. So tonight I kicked it off with the ole family favorite, the Jack Daniel's BBQ Pork Tenderloin. (If you want that recipe you can find it on the JD's website). Anyways, it was pretty awesome if I may say so. I'm pretty sure that all the girls who experienced my cooking are now ready to marry me, and all the guys are probably wishing I was gay. Ha, well maybe not. But it's good to be confident in one's cooking. And hey, nobody died of food poisoning yet! Chalk up another victory!

Ok, so here's where I issue the warning. WARNING for fragile eyes/ears/stomachs/vases...whatever is fragile.

So this weekend I took a little aptitude test on our school's website that is supposed to determine which specialties are best for one's personality type. It asks you all sorts of questions like, "Do you like people?"...no, "Do you like listening to people?"...no way man, "Do you like to be in charge?"...get back to work or you're fired!. Well, none of those responses are entirely my personality actually, but you get the idea of what types of questions there are. So after I completed my test they gave me a list of specialties which were ranked as to how they would fit for me. I will now give you the top 5 responses from my exam.

1. Colon / Rectal Surgery
2. Emergency Medicine
3. Anesthesiology
4. General Surgery
5. Radiology

Ok....so, now that you've finished laughing and have made it past #1 on my list, let's review them in reverse order.

5. Radiology - This sounds interesting, however, after listening to the world's crappiest medical imaging lectures these past couple of days, I don't think I could tell the difference between an X-ray showing Hulk Hogan's forearm from the little green army dude lodged in little Timmy O'Toole's nose.

4. General Surgery - This is pretty good. It is one of the things I have considered. So, good job aptitude test.

3. Anesthesia - Again, another good option. Probably my most considered option as well.

2. Emergency Medicine - I don't want to have to deal with the little green army dude in that kid's nose.

1. Colon / Rectal Surgery - HMMMMMMMMMMM...I've never thought about this one! I mean, who knows? This could be my calling. I guess all I have to say is, if you're an asshole, look out!

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  1. ahhhhhhahahaha!!! Glad I'm not too much of an asshole. Hahahahaaaaa!