Saturday, August 28, 2010

M-Day Plus 384

Howdy guys! It's been a long time as I've been reminded on numerous occasions. I ran out of stuff to say for a while, but now, I've had some happenings take place that I just can't ignore. So, without further ado, I'mmmm back!!! (At least temporarily)

A lot has happened in the past few months. I passed first year which was pretty sweet. Always gotta like not having to do that junk over again. There's a lot of moments people often look back to and say, "I wish I could relive that". Not only do I not say that about first year, I make that comment about anything PRIOR to first year for the simple fact that I do not want to REPEAT first year!

After passing, I had a nice long summer where I decided to ride my bicycle across Iowa. This was pretty sweet. I did over 425 miles on my bike, and DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE POUND! Thank you Mr. Pork Chop! (And of course your pie, too!)

Now, I have been back to school for about 3 weeks. I have currently moved out of the dorms and am living in a gargantuam sized house. It happens to be on Princess street so it has been appropriately named, The Princess Palace. It is an incredible 4BR 3BA house with a humongous back yard! It came with a newly furnished kitchen, 2 living rooms, and a compound bow in the attic. Oh, there was also a creepy looking trunk at the end of the attic, placed right in the center. Unfortunately there was NOTHING in it...but we'll have to find something to put in it when we leave. (Insert dark laugh here)

So, the craziest thing has happened to us on Friday. You remember when you were in school (possibly you still are and maybe you still do this), and you had a test that you wished would just get canceled for the most absurd excuses? I remember in college I always had this evil idea that if I were a professor, I would schedule a test for Wednesday, and then as they show up for the test tell them that it was going to be on Friday instead. My logic was, if you spent the time cramming over a 3-4 day period that you would normally do in the 1-2 day period before a test, that you would do better and learn more. I would always wish a test would be postponed, and still strangely do from time to time.

Well, Friday I experienced my moment. We had our first med school exam of the year, a rather large one really, and I found myself ironically wishing that I had just a couple more days to prepare. I sat down to my computer and ran through all those crazy thoughts and ideas of how the test might just be moved to another date, just so I could have a little more time to study. Well, I got my wish! After sitting down to the exam, we answered questions for about an hour when all of a sudden the whole system crashes! In a weird bit of irony, the test was down, and I find myself in that one opportunity I've waited my whole life for, a few extra days to study. I didn't even have to fake having the swine flu! So now our exam is Wednesday afternoon.

So, I have been given my second chance. A few extra days of hard studying. You might be curious to know how I've spent my Saturday preparing. My response, by watching two movies and playing plenty of ping pong on my new ping pong table located in one of our 2 living rooms!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A long time in to school...

Man it's been a long time since I've written on here. There has been so much that has happened that I don't really know where to start.

Back in late February we finished off Physiology and Microanatomy. I thought that was the happiest moment of my life, and then I finished Gross Anatomy like 2 weeks ago. Ethel and I weren't friends towards the end. We had to cut open her face and dig out her eyes and brains. Trust me, I hated it just as much as she did I am sure. The head is some complicated stuff I have to say. That simple little cold and sniffle you complain about when you hit the clinic is a pain in the butt to me.

Other news...gosh I should keep up with this thing. We've had lots and lots more physical exams that we have learned lately. Recently we had to visit the VA hospital here and take a full H&P (History & Physical) of a veteran. For reasons pertaining to HIPAA regulations I cannot divulge too much information on this subject other than that it was a rather interesting experience. If I didn't know better I would say that geriatrics might not be the field for me. I guess I'm not patient enough to listen to the hyperbole of a story about your life guys. Sorry.

At the present moment I'm wasting my life away on this blog while I wait for the new Buffalo Wild Wings to open up. Should be coming soon. Hallelujah!

There have been quite a few things that have brought joy to my life lately. I am pretty ecstatic with the KC Chiefs right now. Good work on drafting Eric Berry. Also, thanks for screwing up Kansas....HAHAHAHAHAH. This might be the worst post I've ever done. Ever. I'll do better next time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

M-Day Plus 190

Dieting sucks. It is incredibly difficult to deprive one's self the things that are so abundant in life. Especially when those things include food. It's easy to not eat much when you are out in the wilderness, because well, there just isn't that much food to be eaten. Unless of course you are able to kill a boar with your bare hands, but I'm going to just assume that at least most of the US population hasn't had the same amount of training as Rambo had received. But alas, here I am, not in the wilderness, but attempting to not eat the abundance of food which is perched in my pantry. Or at least as much of it. Fortunately though in a land of plenty I am blessed with an abundance of something else, technology. I have discovered an app for my sweet little iPhone that helps me to keep track of the calories I've burned/consumed. It's pretty handy and has helped me to discover something amazing! If I exercise, I can eat more food! Hallelujah! Now if only the weather would cooperate around this place for me to be able to get outside and do this.

Speaking of weather, we have had 3 snow days now here in Little Rock. This is nuts. What the heck? That's not supposed to happen here! It has been fun, though. We have had snowball fights and chili for our bellies. Unfortunately all this snow has hampered my exercise/training. I'm supposed to be riding my bike across Iowa this summer. I guess it should be flat though so I probably have not much with which to concern myself.

Not a whole lot has happened lately at the med school place. I've quit going to probably half of my classes if not slightly more than that. Amazingly grades have improved greatly since I've begun to do this. We finished studying the kidney and pelvis a couple of weeks ago, leaving Ethel with about a month long break from us. We just have to make sure we give her a bath from time to time so that she doesn't smell too badly. At the present moment we're studying hormones and sex. It's pretty interesting, although I have a hard time understanding the women. I guess dad was right. I'll never understand.

The olympics are on right now in case those of you who live in a cave were unaware of that fact. Although if you live in a cave you probably aren't reading this. Maybe so, who knows. I think it's crazy how I can barely stand on skates but someone can twirl and flip and GO BACKWARDS ON SKATES! These folks are nuts. Well, happy winter everybody.

Friday, January 29, 2010

M-Day Plus 173

Four years I spent in the blistery, blundery, wet, and frighteningly cold winters of Kansas City at my wonderful alma mater. Four years of inches upon inches of snow. Four years of threats and follow-throughs of ice, sleet, and freezing rain. Four years of sub-freezing temperatures and sub-zero wind chills and some of the most brutal winters of my young fragile life and NOT ONCE did I EVER get a snow day. Sure we had people cancel class every now and then, but never by a hardcore science professor. Those hours of hoping and praying for an ice storm of monumental proportions to cancel an organic final were all for naught. But alas, in the supposed-to-be warmer climate of Little Rock, Arkansas, at the higher educational institution of UAMS medical school, I have a snow day. YIPPEE!

Today there is just a wee bit of ice on the roads but enough to cancel classes. We're all pretty excited as it gives us one extra study day for our exam on Monday. We are about to wrap up our pelvic dissections and will not have anymore dates with Ms. Ethel for a whole month.

I should probably include in this post an apology to our dear Ms. Ethel. I said some comments in my last post that were questionable in some peoples' minds. Ms. Ethel has been a lovely specimen for us and I would like to extend an apology to her should I have offended her. We are done with our probing of your private parts Ms. Ethel.

Zane and Hunter were still apparently not satisfied of my introduction of them in my post here. So I would also like to say that they are a couple of pretty cool dudes. But, unfortunately for them, that's not what she said.

Amy demands an apology and a correction for my statements of her in my last post. I may have exaggerated a little bit about her being Indian. She's more like a Vietnamese. However she could have maybe been from a certain Indian Vietnamese tribe??? No person shall probably ever know the answer to that. So I will stand to make that correction. However I still stand by my other statements. Well I don't know much of anything else. Off to studying.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

M-Day Plus 168

So I received some of the best news I've heard all year long the other day. Little Rock is finally getting a Buffalo Wild Wings. Jake was right. Life is Good!

A lot has happened lately. We started school somewhere in the beginning of January. It's too long ago for me to recall. During those first couple of weeks we learned about poo. Our professor kicked off the entire unit by dancing around the lecture hall in a colon shaped tube spewing out what I assume were Tootsie Rolls. I didn't care to figure out what it was though. My friends had to restrain me that day. I was ready with my knife to pounce on him and perform an operation. As is my apparent calling in life. (Don't understand this? Read one of my previous posts.)

So while studying poo we got to look at everything that makes poo, gas, and all the other fun stuff down there. We cut into Ethel's belly which remarkably didn't have much fat. Pretty surprising since the entire rest of her body was composed of only fat. There wasn't anything unusual in her belly I don't think. No nematodes, green army men, or hamsters in there. Must mean she had a relatively normal diet.

After we looked at her belly we decided to gut her. Just like a fish. :) I love fishing. We cut out her gizzards so that we could "see them better". We had to go clean them out and prepare them for further viewing. In the midst of this process the small intestine almost went down the garbage disposal. This would have been pretty amusing in all honesty.

Ok now, my lab group has been all up in my case for not having mentioned their names in my posts. They think I'm ashamed or embarrassed by them. I think this is a good time to mention them. Zane and Hunter are a couple guys in my lab group. I blame them for having almost lost the intestine down the garbage disposal.

So that was a few weeks ago. This past week we have started a new unit. We have moved to the pelvis and perineum. What does this mean for gross lab and for Ethel? It basically means that we are in the midst of a 2 week rape session of Ethel. It's ok though because all of her friends around the lab are receiving similar treatment. Even the guys. We're actually pretty nice to her, relatively speaking. Some of her other friends had tree trimmers and saws taken to their legs and torso. Ethel is, well, mostly in tact at the moment.

So there is a fourth member of our lab group I didn't mention earlier. Her name is Amy. She is Indian. She is the one responsible for most of the raping of Ethel. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

Well this is all I know for now. Random news, I got a new bike which will be put to some good use in the near future.

Also, I think this is very funny and a good point to end on. The Daytona 500 is on Valentine's Day this year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

M-Day Plus 133

Christmas Break!!!!! Holy crap it could not have come sooner. It's been a long time since I've posted on here. Sorry about that folks. I guess we ought to recap the past...2 months? sucked there for a while. Microanatomy was, err...still is awful. We had a test on Friday right before break which had a fair chunk of that junk (<-- rhyme). I don't know if I have ever truly hated something as much as I hate microanatomy. It really is bad. Last Sunday as I was studying for the test I decided that if Microanatomy were a person that I would have little problem with killing it in the worst ways and spending the rest of my life in a federal rape me in the butt prison. That, my friends, is how much I loathe Microanatomy. I do not enjoy it and it keeps knocking me on my butt and laughing at me. So, what do you do when something keeps knocking you down? You smack it in the...uh...face. Yep, you smack it in the face. So what did I do with it and that test on Friday? I took a freaking club to it. And not just any club, a club with rusty ole spikes! It was a great test which was much needed.

Ethel has had some more action these past few weeks. It's been getting a little more personal too. We just finished inspecting her lower limb, which means delving into her wonderful feet, calves, thighs, and of course, the butt! Grrrr..pretty hot stuff wouldn't you say? Ok, that was wrong on too many levels. But, I've already typed it so it's apparently impossible to change.

Let's see, it's Christmas time! But, I think I've already said that. This must mean that I am running out of things to say. Well, have a happy holidays everybody and I'll do my best to keep posting on here more often. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

M-Day Plus 94

Happy Veterans Day everybody! Especially for all of you postal workers, bank employees, and students at UAMS! Yes that's right. For the first time in my life I was able to rightly honor my veterans by taking a day off from school. For all of the hard work and sacrifice of the men and women who are in or have served in our armed forces, it is only fitting that we honor them with a holiday. So how did us med. students choose to honor our veterans? Well I'll tell ya. We honored them with trivia night down at the pub! Yup, we thank all of our veterans for their hard work and sacrifice so that we could enjoy a wonderful mid-week day off from school and an excuse to take a trip to the pub. Is this a satirical post? Well, part of me thinks it should be, however, I would be lying if I said that part of me also wasn't sincerely happy for having the day off. So, take it as you wish.

That is about the highlight of medical school at the moment. We have had beautiful weather here in Little Rock for the past few days. It's hard to believe I am still wearing shorts, T-shirts, and sandals in mid-November. This rarely happened to me in late September in Kansas City, let alone November. So I've taken this opportunity to go for some bike rides. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Ethel has been retired for a little while. Last week we removed her heart and lungs and cut them open. Since then we have given her a rest. In other news, we are learning a lot of information about the heart at the present moment, including how to read an EKG...or at least we're supposed to be learning this. I have to say it's pretty rough. I almost like the looks of the straight flat line personally. It's much simpler to interpret.

Well, I know little else at the moment so I shall go study. Again, Happy Veterans Day all!