Friday, January 29, 2010

M-Day Plus 173

Four years I spent in the blistery, blundery, wet, and frighteningly cold winters of Kansas City at my wonderful alma mater. Four years of inches upon inches of snow. Four years of threats and follow-throughs of ice, sleet, and freezing rain. Four years of sub-freezing temperatures and sub-zero wind chills and some of the most brutal winters of my young fragile life and NOT ONCE did I EVER get a snow day. Sure we had people cancel class every now and then, but never by a hardcore science professor. Those hours of hoping and praying for an ice storm of monumental proportions to cancel an organic final were all for naught. But alas, in the supposed-to-be warmer climate of Little Rock, Arkansas, at the higher educational institution of UAMS medical school, I have a snow day. YIPPEE!

Today there is just a wee bit of ice on the roads but enough to cancel classes. We're all pretty excited as it gives us one extra study day for our exam on Monday. We are about to wrap up our pelvic dissections and will not have anymore dates with Ms. Ethel for a whole month.

I should probably include in this post an apology to our dear Ms. Ethel. I said some comments in my last post that were questionable in some peoples' minds. Ms. Ethel has been a lovely specimen for us and I would like to extend an apology to her should I have offended her. We are done with our probing of your private parts Ms. Ethel.

Zane and Hunter were still apparently not satisfied of my introduction of them in my post here. So I would also like to say that they are a couple of pretty cool dudes. But, unfortunately for them, that's not what she said.

Amy demands an apology and a correction for my statements of her in my last post. I may have exaggerated a little bit about her being Indian. She's more like a Vietnamese. However she could have maybe been from a certain Indian Vietnamese tribe??? No person shall probably ever know the answer to that. So I will stand to make that correction. However I still stand by my other statements. Well I don't know much of anything else. Off to studying.

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  1. Yo friend,
    I need to tell you some things.
    1. I think you're really cool.
    2. I hope your birthday was as cool as you are.
    3. You're kinda old now.
    Anyway, I'm glad I've been able to keep track of you as you go on to new adventures, and I am praying that God will do even sweeter things in this year of your life than he has in the last one. Peace.