Saturday, August 28, 2010

M-Day Plus 384

Howdy guys! It's been a long time as I've been reminded on numerous occasions. I ran out of stuff to say for a while, but now, I've had some happenings take place that I just can't ignore. So, without further ado, I'mmmm back!!! (At least temporarily)

A lot has happened in the past few months. I passed first year which was pretty sweet. Always gotta like not having to do that junk over again. There's a lot of moments people often look back to and say, "I wish I could relive that". Not only do I not say that about first year, I make that comment about anything PRIOR to first year for the simple fact that I do not want to REPEAT first year!

After passing, I had a nice long summer where I decided to ride my bicycle across Iowa. This was pretty sweet. I did over 425 miles on my bike, and DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE POUND! Thank you Mr. Pork Chop! (And of course your pie, too!)

Now, I have been back to school for about 3 weeks. I have currently moved out of the dorms and am living in a gargantuam sized house. It happens to be on Princess street so it has been appropriately named, The Princess Palace. It is an incredible 4BR 3BA house with a humongous back yard! It came with a newly furnished kitchen, 2 living rooms, and a compound bow in the attic. Oh, there was also a creepy looking trunk at the end of the attic, placed right in the center. Unfortunately there was NOTHING in it...but we'll have to find something to put in it when we leave. (Insert dark laugh here)

So, the craziest thing has happened to us on Friday. You remember when you were in school (possibly you still are and maybe you still do this), and you had a test that you wished would just get canceled for the most absurd excuses? I remember in college I always had this evil idea that if I were a professor, I would schedule a test for Wednesday, and then as they show up for the test tell them that it was going to be on Friday instead. My logic was, if you spent the time cramming over a 3-4 day period that you would normally do in the 1-2 day period before a test, that you would do better and learn more. I would always wish a test would be postponed, and still strangely do from time to time.

Well, Friday I experienced my moment. We had our first med school exam of the year, a rather large one really, and I found myself ironically wishing that I had just a couple more days to prepare. I sat down to my computer and ran through all those crazy thoughts and ideas of how the test might just be moved to another date, just so I could have a little more time to study. Well, I got my wish! After sitting down to the exam, we answered questions for about an hour when all of a sudden the whole system crashes! In a weird bit of irony, the test was down, and I find myself in that one opportunity I've waited my whole life for, a few extra days to study. I didn't even have to fake having the swine flu! So now our exam is Wednesday afternoon.

So, I have been given my second chance. A few extra days of hard studying. You might be curious to know how I've spent my Saturday preparing. My response, by watching two movies and playing plenty of ping pong on my new ping pong table located in one of our 2 living rooms!