Monday, February 15, 2010

M-Day Plus 190

Dieting sucks. It is incredibly difficult to deprive one's self the things that are so abundant in life. Especially when those things include food. It's easy to not eat much when you are out in the wilderness, because well, there just isn't that much food to be eaten. Unless of course you are able to kill a boar with your bare hands, but I'm going to just assume that at least most of the US population hasn't had the same amount of training as Rambo had received. But alas, here I am, not in the wilderness, but attempting to not eat the abundance of food which is perched in my pantry. Or at least as much of it. Fortunately though in a land of plenty I am blessed with an abundance of something else, technology. I have discovered an app for my sweet little iPhone that helps me to keep track of the calories I've burned/consumed. It's pretty handy and has helped me to discover something amazing! If I exercise, I can eat more food! Hallelujah! Now if only the weather would cooperate around this place for me to be able to get outside and do this.

Speaking of weather, we have had 3 snow days now here in Little Rock. This is nuts. What the heck? That's not supposed to happen here! It has been fun, though. We have had snowball fights and chili for our bellies. Unfortunately all this snow has hampered my exercise/training. I'm supposed to be riding my bike across Iowa this summer. I guess it should be flat though so I probably have not much with which to concern myself.

Not a whole lot has happened lately at the med school place. I've quit going to probably half of my classes if not slightly more than that. Amazingly grades have improved greatly since I've begun to do this. We finished studying the kidney and pelvis a couple of weeks ago, leaving Ethel with about a month long break from us. We just have to make sure we give her a bath from time to time so that she doesn't smell too badly. At the present moment we're studying hormones and sex. It's pretty interesting, although I have a hard time understanding the women. I guess dad was right. I'll never understand.

The olympics are on right now in case those of you who live in a cave were unaware of that fact. Although if you live in a cave you probably aren't reading this. Maybe so, who knows. I think it's crazy how I can barely stand on skates but someone can twirl and flip and GO BACKWARDS ON SKATES! These folks are nuts. Well, happy winter everybody.

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