Wednesday, November 11, 2009

M-Day Plus 94

Happy Veterans Day everybody! Especially for all of you postal workers, bank employees, and students at UAMS! Yes that's right. For the first time in my life I was able to rightly honor my veterans by taking a day off from school. For all of the hard work and sacrifice of the men and women who are in or have served in our armed forces, it is only fitting that we honor them with a holiday. So how did us med. students choose to honor our veterans? Well I'll tell ya. We honored them with trivia night down at the pub! Yup, we thank all of our veterans for their hard work and sacrifice so that we could enjoy a wonderful mid-week day off from school and an excuse to take a trip to the pub. Is this a satirical post? Well, part of me thinks it should be, however, I would be lying if I said that part of me also wasn't sincerely happy for having the day off. So, take it as you wish.

That is about the highlight of medical school at the moment. We have had beautiful weather here in Little Rock for the past few days. It's hard to believe I am still wearing shorts, T-shirts, and sandals in mid-November. This rarely happened to me in late September in Kansas City, let alone November. So I've taken this opportunity to go for some bike rides. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Ethel has been retired for a little while. Last week we removed her heart and lungs and cut them open. Since then we have given her a rest. In other news, we are learning a lot of information about the heart at the present moment, including how to read an EKG...or at least we're supposed to be learning this. I have to say it's pretty rough. I almost like the looks of the straight flat line personally. It's much simpler to interpret.

Well, I know little else at the moment so I shall go study. Again, Happy Veterans Day all!

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