Saturday, October 24, 2009

M-Day Plus 76

So it was about a year ago now that I had the most horrible interview of my life. This is roughly the anniversary of my medical school interview at Arkansas. I got grilled and there wasn't any defrosting in the microwave. I was taken out of the freezer, plopped face down (we'll assume this is a fish gettin' grilled), and grilled. But, somehow, some way, I managed to get in to this school.

So here I am today, we have had one long week of dates with Ethel. I'm ready to trade 'er out. Somehow I don't feel that she's going to let us do that quite so easily. We have basically spent an entire week looking at Ethel's arms. There is a lot of junk in there. All sorts of nerves and arteries..just lots of crap. It's all confusing, and clustered, and hard to get to, and we're just sick of it. We have been in the gross lab for 10 consecutive school days now, which is a long stretch, and we have one more until our test in about a week. I'm honestly so tired of thinking about that dang lab that I don't really want to write anymore about it right now.

Well, I probably go study, or watch a football game. Happy days everybody!

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